Meet the Team

Marcia Winter

winter, marcia


Marcia Winter, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Rochester and completed post-doctorate work at Syracuse University and the University of Rochester Medical Center. Her research focuses on child physical and emotional health and well-being, and in particular on how children and families adapt to potentially stressful situations.

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Casey Burton

Doctoral Student

Casey earned her master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education in the spring of 2020 and joined the VCU developmental psychology doctoral program later that year. Her research interests center on the developmental impact that traumatic experiences have on children. She plans to focus specifically on children's perceptions of their experience as well as individual and contextual factors that influence their responses to traumatic experiences and trauma treatment. 


Becka Hoppe

Doctoral Student

Becka joined the doctoral program in Developmental Psychology at VCU in 2019 with a BA in Psychology from Rider University and post-bacc experience in higher education and grief therapy intervention. Her research interests focus on the influence of major life stressors on child development and family functioning. Becka is particularly interested in how children adapt and make meaning of parental death, transitions in roles and responsibilities in the family system following this loss, and how this impacts child adjustment. She aims to employ mixed methods and study children at various developmental stages to better understand adaptational responses to profound stress and to inform positive child mental health, development, and coping skills.


Sydney Sumrall

Doctoral Student

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Lab Alumni

Nour Al Ghriwati, Ph.D.

Doctoral Student 2014-2020

Dr. Nour Al Ghriwati was a CHAMP Lab member and student in the VCU Clinical Psychology program (Child and Adolescent Track) from 2014 – 2020. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical internship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (2020) and is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health. Nour is interested in understanding family factors that may serve as risk or protective factors for children with chronic illnesses; she is also interested in understanding mental health outcomes associated with pediatric illnesses and treatment burdens. Her broader goals include developing more integrative bio-psychosocial models for childhood illness and translating these models into interventions for affected children and their families.

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Jessica Greenlee, Ph.D.

greenlee, jessie

Doctoral Student 2014-2019

Dr. Jessica Greenlee entered the developmental psychology doctoral program at VCU in 2014 and graduated in 2019, when she went on to a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Waisman Center. In 2021, Jessie began a position as an Assistant Professor at her alma mater, Kenyon College. Jessie’s research is rooted in family systems theory and focuses on families of children with a chronic illness or disability. She is particularly interested in elucidating the positive and negative aspects of caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how culture frames the ways in which families cope. Jessie’s doctoral research was funded by a prestigious two-year Weatherstone fellowship from Autism Speaks.

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Cathryn Richmond, Ph.D.

richmond, cathryn

Doctoral Student 2016-2020

Cathryn received her Ph.D from VCU in December 2020. Her research interests relate to how children, adolescents, and young adults develop their cultural moral identity through cognitive, social, and emotional processes and the way in which this may influence subsequent experiences of intellectual humility, social empathy, and altruistic behavior. To do so, she incorporates consideration of individual (e.g., identity intersectionality and open-mindedness), experiential (e.g., exposure to both acute and historical trauma), and contextual (e.g., social norms and resource competition) influences within her conceptualizations of identity and moral development. In the future, she hopes to help translate this research into more developmentally appropriate, empirically-based prevention and policy programs.  Cathryn has been consistently involved in advocacy work, for example as national representative for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT) and as student representative on the Board of Directors and the chair of the Justice Reform Task Force for the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice.

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Takia Williams, M.S.

Graduate Student 2018-2020

Ms. Takia Williams was a member of the CHAMP lab in 2018-2020 while she completed her Master of Science in Microbiology and Immunology. Takia’s master’s thesis, Associations Between Stress, Racial Discrimination, and Cytokine Levels in Black Americans, examined the effects of racial discrimination on inflammation in adults. Takia is currently pursuing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Virginia Tech.


Honors and Post-Baccalaureate Scholars

Frank DeMauro
Katie Garr - PhD Student, University of Cincinnati Psychology
Marie Johnson - Sara S. Sparrow Post-Bacc Fellow, Yale University Clinical Neuroscience
Isabel Marcovici - PhD Student, Penn State University Human Development & Family Studies
Akea Robinson - PhD Student, George Washington University Psychology


Undergraduate Researchers & Alumni

Katlyn Garr, Sally Canter, Parmida Enayati, Laila Chaudhry, Sunauz Moezzi, Erynn Rhodes, Miriam Ortiz, Bo Hundley, Mayra Ramos, Stephanie Luck, Danyel Smith, Akea Robinson, Sham Habtelasse, Dylan Melton, Gullnar Syed, Sarah Vulkovci, Brandon Kipper, Anushka Kulkarni, Tiffany Ngo, Shelby Smout, Isabella (Tallulah) Lewis, Katherine O’Daniel, Hali Russell, Irina Ferrufino, Nicholas Donnelly, Rebecca Moriconi, Kalen Stankoski, Erin Conner, Sarah Bartley, Leah Baldo, Bridget Condron, Helen Boateng, Chaneika Barber, Rachel Meyer, Sarah Wenk, Sydney Ditzler, Teresa Artis, Younis Khair Aldeen, Sean Powell, Morgan Hall, Sarah Patterson, Kimberly Alfaro, Myranda Hill, Alexis Walker, Brittani Parham, Karisma Graham, Marie Johnson, Simron Richard, Tasneem Sunny, Sofia Chilquillo Torres, Khushbu Patel, Shimona Kumar, Barb Fisher, Ana Garvin, Elizabeth Campbell, Mitchell Cox, Madison Harris, Ginger Johns, Genet Tasfay, Angela Pascale, Sirisree Singamneni, Tiara Bolden, Clayton Egbulem, Randall Smith, Rina Lecaj, Diana Nguyen, Julia Oscenshirt, Kaylen Kitts, Logan Swaringen, Chelsea Crayton, Elizabeth Arnold, Ruth Laryea, Kelly Rios-Santos, Rebecca Dougherty, Hailie Suarez-Rivas, Lucy Boggs, Norris Tyler, Jayla Moore, Anthony Deanes, Corey Jackson, Madison Schoen, Jordan Crowder, Hailey Couch