Caring & Coping with Cancer (C3) Study

Informal family caregivers play a critical role caring for individuals with cancer, providing not only physical care but also emotional support, assistance with daily living, and help navigating medical information and systems. These additional responsibilities can have significant physical, emotional, social and financial implications for the caregiver, yet research suggests that family caregivers rarely receive adequate intervention and support.  This, in turn, puts caregivers and patients at risk for poorer health outcomes.  Moreover, it is likely that this impact is more pronounced in families with fewer economic and educational resources and those from minoritized and marginalized populations who tend to feel less supported by medical systems.  C3 was designed to explore these ideas within a longitudinal, mixed-method research study. The study was funded by a Tina L. Bachas award from the Massey Cancer Center to Marcia Winter, PhD, and collaborator Tara Albrecht, PhD, ACNP-BC (now at Duke University).