Our partnership with the Children's Museum of Richmond is part of the Living Laboratory initiative, an exciting community-based learning opportunity designed to highlight the science of child development.  The national Living Lab initiative is funded by the National Science Foundation. We work with museum educators to demonstrate interesting research studies that engage children and families in developmental science.  In addition, we conduct actual research studies with children and families right in the museum!  For example, our Come to Your Senses! series of studies is focusing on young children’s temperament, especially their sensory sensitivity.  We are examining how levels of sensory sensitivity in typically-developing children might relate to their attention and vigilance, to how readily they adapt to shifting demands in various tasks, and to their expectations in socioemotional contexts.  We love sharing what we do with children and families in our community!


A combined image with logos for the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Living Laboratory at the Museum of Science in Boston, Children's Museum of Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University