TAP (Teens and Parents) was a set of research projects funded by a Weatherstone pre-doctoral fellowship from Autism Speaks to Jessica Greenlee, while a PhD Candidate in Developmental Psychology and member of the CHAMP lab.

Many adolescents with ASD suffer with comorbid mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, yet others do not. The goal of the TAP studies was to examine ways in which a multitude of factors influence the mental health and quality of life of youth with autism. We focused on various individual, family, and peer factors.

TAP-I, which was completed in 2018, surveyed adolescents (ages 13-17) and their parents from across the United States. TAP-II, which was completed in 2019, invited teens with ASD and their parents to come to the CHAMP lab in Richmond, VA, to tell us more about their daily lives. Both studies intended to highlight the strengths, and not just the challenges, of growing up with ASD.